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Grain Craft Blackfoot mill accepting harvest shipments

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The race against time to breed wheat to survive a changing climate

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U.S. spring wheat planting progress hindered by too much rain

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U.S., Ukraine ag agencies to work together on food security issues

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is entering into an agreement with Ukraine’s Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food to enhance coordination between the nation’s agriculture and food sectors and build a partnership to address food security.

Export bans contrast with U.S. Wheat's commitment to an open, transparent market

Despite the sincere efforts by the World Trade Organization (WTO) to keep international markets open, some countries remain quick to block exports when markets become uncertain.

Stripe Rust

‍With the spring weather perfect for small grain production, it is no surprise that stripe rust was finally confirmed in southern Idaho.

Court tells EPA to review glyphosate's link to form of cancer

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider whether glyphosate, the world’s most widely used pesticide, is unlikely to cause cancer.

Grain Craft Blackfoot mill accepting harvest shipments

Grain Craft recently completed an extensive grain elevator addition at the Blackfoot, Idaho flour mill and the company has announced they are now accepting direct wheat harvest shipments.

Redwood Capital to acquire Grain Craft

Grain Craft, the largest independent milling company in the United States, has entered into an agreement under which Redwood Capital Investments, LLC will acquire Grain Craft.

Grain shipping trade navigates turbulent waters

Pandemic lockdowns and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have disrupted global grain shipping more than any other industry, arguably, and have sent U.S. grain prices, input costs, and shipping rates soaring.

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