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September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

The more we talk about mental health together, the more normalized these conversations become, ultimately empowering people to seek the help they need. More people are now talking about and prioritizing their mental health, just as they would their physical health. They are also embracing self-care to improve overall well-being.

NAWG: 'Still a Lot of Process Questions' Around Farm Bill

The Farm Bill impacts Idaho wheat growers directly through its provisions and subsidies, crop insurance, and other agricultural support programs. The National Association of Wheat Grower's (NAWG) top priority is protecting crop insurance. Although slow moving, progress is being made on a long-term farm bill and NAWG will continue to advocate to maintain strong crop saftey nets for Idaho wheat farmers.

Bad Weather and War Are Straining the World's Wheat Supply

Bad weather and conflicts disrupting the global wheat supply chain have a significant impact on Idaho's wheat industry. In addition, severe weather events are directly affecting crop yields, leading to shortages and price increases within the global market. Global events affecting wheat supply are also influencing trade policies and food security concerns, complicating the work of Idaho's wheat farmers.

Marketing Year Countdown; First Look at New Crop U.S. Wheat Sales

Many buyers are locking in purchases for June and July shipment, focusing on new crops of U.S. wheat sales that are ramping up at a faster pace compared to a year ago. Top Idaho wheat importers have significantly outpaced their previous year purchases which can be contributed to customers' need for product and the high-quality wheat produced in Idaho.

The Ramifications and Reality of Breaching the Dams of the Pacific Northwest - Part 3

The connection between Idaho wheat and the Lower Snake River dams is significant. Idaho is one of the top wheat-producing states in the U.S., and the Lower Snake River dams play a crucial role in facilitating transportation for agricultural goods like wheat. These waterway systems allow for the effecient and cost-effective transportation of Idaho wheat to international markets.

Winter Wheat Virus Gaining Foothold in North Idaho

Reports of Soilborne Wheat Mosaic Virus are on the rise in north-central Idaho. The virus and yield-reducing disease it causes were first found in Idaho in 2023, in Nez Perce County. This disease has likely gone undetected for a number of years due to symptoms resembling other diseases or disorders in wheat such as nitrogen deficiency.

Agricultural Officials Pleased with Early Returns

Although Idaho has had some windy conditions and subfreezing temperatures, it has not slowed the momentum of field work. Farmers have been able to start work in their fields earlier than they have in recent years, and spring planting is looking good so far. “Spring planting of cereal grains is going all full-steam,” said University of Idaho Nez Perce County Extension agent Doug Finkelnburg.

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