Idaho Wheat Commission

History & Mission

In every grain of wheat there lies hidden the soul of a star.

Arthur Machen

Our Mission

The mission of the Idaho Wheat Commission is to develop markets for Idaho wheat growers, invest in the advancement of wheat research, and provide wheat grower education.

Idaho Wheat Commission History

Wheat has been a steady contributor to Idaho’s economic well-being for more than a century and consistently ranks as the state’s second-largest crop.  About half of Idaho’s wheat crop goes to domestic mills and the other half is exported, primarily through the Port of Portland, to customers in Asia and Latin America.  Idaho typically ranks in the top six states in the country for wheat production. An average of 1.2 million acres of wheat are planted each year and yields per acre are among the highest in the nation. With consistent rainfall in north Idaho and a high percentage of irrigated wheat in the northern, eastern and southern parts of the state, Idaho boasts one of the most consistent wheat crops in the United States.


Founding of the Idaho Wheat Commission
Idaho Legislature approves the formation of the Idaho Wheat Commission

Idaho Wheat Commission Formation
With the signature of Governor Robert E. Smylie, the Idaho Wheat Commission was formed.

Western Wheat Associates Formation
Western Wheat Associates, now U.S. Wheat Associates, is formed with Idahoan Chuck Gabby as president.



The Commodity Indemnity Fund is established.


The Seed Indemnity Fund is established


Downtown Office Acquisition
Idaho Wheat Commission buys building located at 821 W State Street in Boise.


Master Research Agreement
Idaho Wheat Commission signs Master Research Agreement with University of Idaho.


Wheat Assessment Increase
Legislature increases wheat assessment from 2 cents to 3.5 cents.

Research Endowment
Idaho Wheat joins with Limagrain to invest in a new research endowment at University of Idaho in Aberdeen.


Cereal Agronomics Investment
Idaho Wheat investment in “Potlatch Joe” Anderson Cereal Agronomics Professorship at University of Idaho.

Idaho Wheat investment in D. Blaine Jacobson Wheat Breeding Professorship at University of Idaho.


Risk Management Investment
Idaho Wheat investment in the Endowed Chair of Risk Management at University of Idaho.


Idaho Wheat Commission licenses UI Cookie for commercial sale

Historic Gallery

Wheat is one of Idaho’s historic crops. Idaho is one of a few places in the world that successfully produces five of the six classes of wheat. More than half of the total wheat crop in Idaho is soft white wheat. Idaho is also the largest producer of hard white winter wheat in the United States.

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