Wheat in the Classroom

Bread in a Bag

Bread in a Bag is a fun, hands-on, educational experience designed for students and paid for by Idaho’s wheat-growing families.  Bread in a Bag lets students make their own wheat food product – think bread, pizza, pretzels, tortillas – from scratch, all while learning the history of wheat and its role in a healthy diet.  More than 7,000 students participate in Bread in a Bag across the state each year.
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Classroom Handouts

Download Idaho Wheat handouts to educate your children or students on the wheat process and engage them in fun and easy coloring activities, mazes, word searches and more.
Where is the wheat?

Color or draw a circle around the foods made with wheat.

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Where does bread come from?

Learn about where wheat comes from, then complete a maze.

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Wheat Word Search

Handout with a word search using wheat vocabulary.

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What's on your pizza?

Add pizza toppings of their choice, on top of an Idaho wheat flour crust!

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Wheat Dot-to-Dot

Connect the dots to see how farmers gather kernels from the wheat in the field.

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Can You Find Them?

Coloring activity to find wheat foods in the picture.

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