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Genetics and Environment Study in Idaho

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Wheat industry revving up visits to overseas customers

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What is the latest supply and demand situation for U.S. wheat classes?

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A new disease threat to cereal production in Europe?

For the first time, scientists have detected the blast fungus in Germany. The pathogen was found on diseased wild grasses.

CIMMYT Annual Report 2021

The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) has released its Annual Report 2021: From Discovery to Scaling Up. The report focuses on three ways that CIMMYT researchers contribute to science, innovation, and society.

1/3 the Cost of Miag Pilot Flour Milling the PNW Wheat Quality Council Samples

The PNW Wheat Quality Council was first convened in 1995 with the backing and encouragement of the Tri-State Wheat Commissions. It has been an excellent program and has yielded immeasurable benefits.

Global grain trade review

The grains market has moved this year from handling an unprecedented worldwide pandemic to dealing with a war involving two of the planet’s biggest exporting nations.

USDA provides nearly $24 million boost for beginning farmers and ranchers

On Tuesday, USDA Chief Scientist Chavonda Jacobs-Young announced a nearly $24 million investment across 45 organizations and institutions that teach and train beginning farmers and ranchers.

USDA previews crop and revenue loss assistance for agricultural producers

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced on November 15 that the USDA plans for additional emergency relief through the Emergency Relief Program (ERP) and pandemic assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Russia and Ukraine have agreed to extend a U.N. deal to export needed food

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