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Idaho Wheat Commission names new Executive Director

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Know the signs of heat illness

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Idaho Wheat Meets an International Team of Millers

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Rules of Grain Bin Safety

As harvest gets into full swing, we are interrupting this week's regular Idaho Wheat Report to share some important information with you about grain storage safety. Grain bin accidents are a leading cause of death and injury in the agricultural community each year. We want to keep Idaho farmers, their families, and employees safe. Please take a few minutes to listen to Carol Jones chat about grain bin safety.

Black Sea grain corridor, weather, and harvest pressure wheat prices

Russia’s unprovoked invasions of Ukraine sent already bullish wheat futures prices soaring earlier this year.

U.S. flour production up 4% to new record

Flour production in the second quarter of 2022 totaled a record 107.407 million cwts, up 4.087 million, or 4%, from 103.32 million a year ago, according to data issued Aug. 1 by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) of the US Department of Agriculture.

U.S. poised to deliver bumper wheat crop the world badly needs

The US is poised to deliver a bumper spring wheat crop in the upcoming weeks, which if realized could help relieve global shortfalls caused by turmoil in the Black Sea.

Wireworms: The Devastating Pests of PNW Wheat

An objective assessment of economic loss due to wireworm damage in Idaho wheat. Remote-sensing technologies can provide efficient analyses of crop stress and damage in large-scale farming.

Wheat market analyst: How will Ukraine, Russia export deals impact prices?

Market analysts say the deals Ukraine and Russia signed with Turkey and the United Nations to export grain could push world wheat prices downward.

Sprawl, low-density development contribute to Idaho's farmland loss

Low-density residential development continues to contribute substantially to the loss of farm and pasture land in Idaho.

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