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Idaho has approximately 2,500 wheat growers and 97% of Idaho farms are family farms. Many of our wheat-growing families work in and operate multi-generational family businesses, cultivating land that has been cared for by their grandparents and great-grandparents and raising their own children to be stewards of that land in the future. 97% of Idaho’s wheat harvest comes from family farms.

Farm Family Gallery

Idaho farm families know that nutritious wheat starts with healthy soil. As stewards of the land for generations, Idaho’s wheat growers take pride in growing a wholesome crop and are committed to passing sustainable farming practices on to the next generation.

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The Hamilton Family

Meet the Hamilton family who are raising crops and kids in Ririe.

The Kaufman Family

Meet the Kaufman brothers, the fifth generation of wheat growers on their farm in Lewiston that dates back to 1899.

The Brown Family

Meet the Brown family who have a farm near Soda Springs and a family legacy of producing Idaho wheat.

The Durrant Family

Meet the Durrants, an Idaho farm family from Kuna.

The Odeberg Family

Meet the Odeberg family, raising the fifth generation of
wheat farmers in Genesee. 

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