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Genetics and Environment Study in Idaho

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Wheat industry revving up visits to overseas customers

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What is the latest supply and demand situation for U.S. wheat classes?

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IGC trims forecast for 2022/2023 global wheat crop

The International Grains Council (IGC) on Thursday trimmed its forecast for 2022/23 global wheat production by one million tonnes to 791 million tonnes.

Canadian wheat production makes big jump

Increased acreage, higher yields and improved soil moisture all add up to a more than 50% improvement in Canada’s wheat production for marketing year 2022-23, according to a Global Agricultural Information Network report from the Foreign Agricultural Service of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Waterlogged Australian wheat crop faces extensive quality downgrades

Flooding and excessive rains across key parts of Australia's wheat growing areas have resulted in extensive damage to what was expected to be a record bin-busting high quality crop just a few weeks ago, exacerbating concerns over world food supplies. A lower quality crop in Australia, the world's No.2 supplier of the grain, comes as dryness in North America and the Russia-Ukraine war curb global supplies, fuelling red-hot food prices.

Wheat grown indoors offers promise for global food security

Vertical farmers, known for growing herbs and salads indoors, have made a breakthrough in the quest for global food security: cultivating wheat in the same controlled environment.

Cereal rust isolates differ in ability to overcome genetic resistance

The ability of a cereal rust organism to overcome genetic resistance can lead to widespread epidemics.

Gene editing to create more resilient crops and respond to climate change

The importance of gene editing, such as CRISPR, and related molecular genetic technologies was emphasized during the 2022 Borlaug Dialogues at the recent World Food Prize event in Des Moines.

Variable Rate Nitrogen in Southeast Idaho Irrigated Winter and Spring Wheat

‍In a new, collaborative project between Utah State University and University of Idaho researchers, variable rate nitrogen zones will be studied on Christensen Farms in Southeast Idaho.

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