Genetics and Environment Study in Idaho

Alecia Kiszonas, Agricultural Research Services
In a regional, continuous project partially funded by the Idaho Wheat Commission, popular wheat varieties are tested for quality at the Western Wheat Quality Lab. This project seeks to obtain robust, statistically valid comparisons of the quality of new varieties and pre-release lines, including those from both private and public breeding programs and to build a database of quality data for different environments/regions of the PNW.

This project specifically addresses wheat production in Idaho.

The results of this study are being used now in several important ways which include, developing the 1) Preferred Variety list, 2) identifying ‘problem’ varieties that do not meet customer expectations for that market class, 3) the development of ‘Quality Targets’ for each market class through the PNW Wheat Quality Council, 4) encouraging growers to select superior quality varieties, 5) identification of superior varieties that can be used as benchmarks in breeding programs or quality targets for variety release, 6) opportunity to analyze quality on an environment- or region-specific basis.