1/3 the Cost of Miag Pilot Flour Milling the PNW Wheat Quality Council Samples

Dr. Alecia Kiszonas

The PNW Wheat Quality Council was first convened in 1995 with the backing and encouragement of the Tri-State Wheat Commissions. It has been an excellent program and has yielded immeasurable benefits. The USDA ARS WWQL underwrites the majority of the cost through appropriated Federal funds. To assist in the process, the Tri-State Wheat Commissions each contribute one-third the cost of labor to prepare, mill and distribute the samples.As wheat lines are developed by public and private breeding programs experimental lines are analyzed throughout the process by predictive tests to judge their suitability in the marketplace.

On an annual basis the PNW WQC provides a forum with the milling and baking industry to verify that the level of quality in newly released lines is suitable for industrial use. Information exchange between the wheat development community and the end-use milling and baking industries is valuable to all parties. End-users are assured that the quality profile of new releases will suit their needs. Wheat development programs have an opportunity to verify that the models used to predict wheat quality are working.