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Winter Wheat Variety Survey Launched

The Idaho Wheat Commission conducts planting surveys in November and July to understand which varieties have been planted throughout the state. Survey questions ask for three pieces of data: name of the varieties, acres planted by variety, and county of plantings. The information shared is confidential and data is aggregated across counties in each production region. Production is reported as a percentage of the total acres reported on the survey. 

Many industry stakeholders use data collected in the wheat survey. Breeders judge the acceptance of their varieties, seed dealers judge the amount of seed they need to produce, grain buyers see which districts are growing desired varieties, and growers are informed of new varieties being grown in their area. 

If you are growing winter wheat in Idaho, we need your participation! Use this QR code by opening the camera app on your smartphone and holding the camera over the code to open the survey. 

Thank you to all who participate! Results of prior year surveys can be found at the IWC Website

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