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Wheat Marketing Center Appoints New Executive Director

The Wheat Marketing Center has selected a new executive director to manage its research and education operations. The Board of Directors, headed up by WMC Board Chairman Bill Flory (Idaho Wheat Commission), and the Search Committee, chaired by Ron Williams (Columbia Grain), announced the appointment of Mike Moran during the March 2022 WMC board meeting in Portland.

“Mike has extensive experience working with wheat quality from managing bakeries to running a farmer owned flour brand and he understands the importance of quality. Mike also has experience working with WMC in its early years as a client, which provides him a good understanding of the customers’ needs.” said Williams. “His skills and experience, combined with the talents of the outstanding WMC staff, will carry the Wheat Marketing Center to a new level of excellence.”

“Promoting U.S. wheat by demonstrating the importance of quality is the central mission of WMC, for farmers, for millers, and for food manufacturers,” continued Flory. “Mike understands and promotes our shared values, and we are excited to have his experience as a leader and promoter of wheat and wheat quality.”

Moran took the helm on April 1. “Having worked with WMC as a baker and farmer representative, I am honored to have the opportunity to join a team with such impeccable integrity.” said Moran. “The challenges facing American farmers are complex in a dynamic and competitive global environment. The Wheat Marketing Center’s focus on objective research and education presents the best opportunity to guide and promote U.S. wheat as a leader in quality and value for customers globally.”

Mike’s appointment fills the vacancy left by the retirement of his predecessor, Janice Cooper, in June of this year.  Janice Cooper was the Managing Director of the Wheat Marketing Center (WMC) in Portland, Oregon, a position she held from November 2015 to June 2022. Prior to joining WMC, Janice served for six years as Executive Director of the California Wheat Commission and earlier managed the California Association of Wheat Growers. In addition to her experience in the wheat industry, Janice has a broad background in business development and trade policy in the banking, high tech, and renewable energy sectors. Janice started her career in Washington, D.C. as a staff member in the U.S. Senate. She returned to D.C. later as the Trade Representative for the State of California.

Janice was recently re-appointed to the Grain Inspection Advisory Committee, the private sector group appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture to advise the Federal Grain Inspection Service on its programs and priorities. She is also a member of the Export Council of Oregon, which advises the U.S. Department of Commerce and helps promote U.S. exports.

Janice’s contributions to the wheat industry are invaluable.

The Wheat Marketing Center is dedicated to improving the well-being of present and future generations of U.S. wheat farmers and worldwide consumers by conducting wheat utilization research projects and delivering dynamic educational programs.

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