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Idaho’s First Intermodal Rail Terminal, in Pocatello, Improves Access to Export Markets

The new Savage Railport at Union Pacific’s rail yard in Pocatello began operations this past summer. This transportation infrastructure benefits Idaho growers and shippers by improving the economics of exporting dry bulk containerized products to Asia and other world markets. 
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Richard Durrant Receives 2019 Distinguished Service Award

The Idaho Wheat Commission annually recognizes an individual for his or her leadership, dedication and service to Idaho wheat growers.
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Grower Input Directs Check-off Dollar Investment

Do you want more input into how your wheat check-off dollars are used? The Idaho Wheat Commission (IWC) invites you to participate in its annual research proposal review process in February. It is now easier than ever to take part in this important activity.
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Protein Alone Does Not Predict Soft White Wheat End-Quality Performance

There is an easily understood expression in English that “you cannot judge a book by its cover.” Applied to the recently harvested 2021/22 U.S. soft white wheat crop that is good advice for the world’s flour millers and wheat food producers.
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New Relief from Wireworm

Each year, wireworm causes substantial damage to wheat crops across the Pacific Northwest. Agronomists and entomologists in Idaho and Washington who have been studying wireworm abatement have seen from 40% all the way up to 100% crop loss due to wireworm, and those losses hit hard.
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Ned Moon Honored with IWC Distinguished Service Award

The Idaho Wheat Commission awarded former commissioner Ned Moon with the 2021 Distinguished Service Award at the Tri-State Grain Convention in Spokane, Wash. in December.
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Margaret Krause Interview

I grew up in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota and attended the University of Minnesota for undergraduate. Like many students, I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted to study when I first arrived on campus.
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Will Cover Crops Work for You?

Idaho wheat producers who have tried cover crops generally agree that you need three things.
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Let’s talk about GMOs

Since genetically modified foods became available in the early 1990s, genetically modified organisms (GMO) have become an increasingly controversial topic of consumerism worldwide.
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Grain Craft Announces Elevator Addition at Blackfoot, Idaho Mill

Grain Craft recently announced plans to construct a grain elevator at the company’s Blackfoot, Idaho flour mill. The new elevator will receive local wheat and convey it directly into the mill. It is scheduled to be complete during fourth quarter of 2021.
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Garrett Dudley Takes Research Reigns at IWC

The Idaho Wheat Commission (IWC) would like to introduce Garrett Dudley as the new Manager of Research.
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From the Field Chats Glyphosate and Other Trade Barriers in Key Markets 

The agriculture industry is watching the European Union to determine the fate of glyphosate as a tool for farmers. 
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