Chairman, District 5 

Cordell Kress
(208) 221-3333
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Cordell Kress
Cory and his wife, Jamie, have farmed dryland in the Rockland Valley in Power County since 2004, growing primarily wheat, pulses, and canola.

Cory grows primarily wheat, safflower, mustard, dry peas, and winter canola on his dryland farm where he implements no-till production practices. Before taking a seat on the Idaho Wheat Commission, Cory served on the Idaho Oilseed Commission.  Cory has a degree in engineering from the University of Idaho. After graduating from U of I he worked for several years in the food processing division of Simplot before returning to Rockland to farm. He and his wife, Jamie, have two children. 

The Kress family enjoys working together managing and operating the farm and mountain biking, water skiing, and snowmobiling.

District 5
Nestled into the southeastern corner of the state, District 5 claims just over 1.5 million acres of total farmland.



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