Our river system provides crucial efficiency

Transporting Idaho wheat to pacific ports is possible because of the Snake/Columbia River system. Carrying wheat by water is far more efficient than by rail or road. It would take 134 semi trucks and eight times as much fuel to transport one barge-load by road.

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Columbia Snake River System Facts

Deep Draft Channel Facts:

  • 105 miles, 43 feet deep
  • Over 50 million tons of international trade in 2016
  • At least $24 billion in cargo value
  • 40,000 local jobs are dependent on this trade

Inland Navigation Facts:

  • 360 miles, 14 feet deep, from Portland/Vancouver to Lewiston, Idaho
  • Over 9 million tons of commercial cargo in 2014
  • Important gateway for U.S. wheat and forest products
  • Over 18,000 cruise passengers in 2017, with $15M in direct economic benefits to the region

River System Highlights

  • #1 US wheat exports

  • #2 US corn and soy exports

  • #1 west coast wood exports

  • #1 west coast bulk exports

  • #1 west coast auto exports

Barging is the safest method of moving cargo, with a lower number of injuries, fatalities and spill rates than both rail and trucks. It is also the most fuel efficient, has the least emissions and is the lowest cost way of moving cargo.