Soft White Wheat

Soft white wheat is Idaho’s predominant class of wheat. It is preferred by, and shipped to, customers all over the world. In recent years, dozens of wheat buyers from countries representing 35 percent of the world’s population have visited Idaho wheat farms and elevators to inspect our soft white wheat crop.

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Five Wheat Classes

In addition to soft white wheat, Idaho growers produce grow hard white, hard red spring, hard red winter and durum wheat — five classes in all. Most of the hard white, hard red spring and durum wheat crops are grown under contract for U.S. customers. In an average year, Idaho growers ship quality wheat to customers in 26 states. Even though these customers have closer wheat-growing areas, they continue to choose Idaho because of the quality, consistency and ability to ship identity-preserved wheat.

Hard White Wheat

Perfect for whole wheat breads, Asian-style noodles, bagels, hard-rolls and high-extraction applications.

Soft White Wheat

A low moisture wheat with high extraction rates, providing a whiter, brighter product for exquisite cakes, pastries, cookies, crackers and Asian-style noodles. Soft White is also excellent for flat breads.

Hard Red Spring Wheat

Excellent for artisan and “designer” wheat foods like hearth breads, baguettes, croissants, bagels and pizza crust. Flour from Hard Red Spring is also blended with other flours to improve baking characteristics.

Hard Red Winter Wheat

Versatile, with excellent milling and baking characteristics for pan bread, Hard Red Winter is the choice for general purpose flour and cereal, flour tortillas, hard rolls and flat breads.

Durum Wheat

The hardest of all wheat classes, Durum has a rich amber color and high gluten content, ideal for pasta, couscous and some Mediterranean breads.

Wheat Tax Return/Assessment

In Idaho, growers pay an assessment of 3.5 cents per bushel at the first point of sale. These funds, which are often conveyed by elevators on a quarterly or monthly basis, are invested in market development, research and education with the goal of achieving the greatest value return possible for grower dollars.