Idaho Wheat Commission Budget

Idaho has a thriving wheat industry, thanks to the foresight of wheat industry leaders who came before us. A top priority is to maintain and protect the state’s industry as it was developed during the previous 60 years and pass it off to generations of growers and agricultural leaders to come.

Idaho’s wheat assessment is generally lower than neighboring states and every effort is made to spend grower funds as efficiently as possible. Wheat grower dollars are used to help develop export markets, maintain low-cost barging in the Columbia/Snake River System, create varieties resistant to ever-changing (and resistant) diseases and pests, pay for laboratory and technical analysis of each year’s crop, provide grower education and seminars and to fund the Idaho Grain Producers Association, U.S. Wheat Associates and National Association of Wheat Growers as they advance wheat grower interests in state, national and international arenas.

  • Research
  • Information & Education
  • Market Development
  • Office Operations
  • Capital Outlay