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Hard White Wheat

UI Announces Accelerated Breeding for Hard White Spring and Winter Wheat

In the coming five years, the Aberdeen wheat breeding program will devote 50% of its resources on hard white spring and winter wheat, 20% on soft white spring, and 30% on hard red spring and winter as well as specialty wheat such as waxy and biofuel wheat. Development of a soft winter wheat variety will be conducted through collaborative efforts with the wheat breeding program in Moscow. 

Friday, September 05, 2014
Japanese Milling Managers to Visit Idaho
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All Wheat Stocks Stored in Northwest Region Down 12 Percent from Last Year.

All Wheat stored in all positions on June 1, 2014 totaled 13.4 million bushels in Idaho, down from 14.1 million bushels a year ago. Off-farm stocks were up 4 percent, while on-farm stocks were down 41 percent compared to the previous year.